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 Ceramic Coating's

Protect your Vehicle's paint with one of our Ceramic Coating plans. From Ceramic to Graphene we offer the best in product and warranties Have your friends and family in awe, as your paint will look like glass


STARTS @ $350 

 Based on Size & Condition

Graphene Coating with UV tracing technology applied with polishing and paint correction if needed, with up to one year in warranty


                  STARTS @ $450 

               Based on Size & Condition

Ceramic Hybrid some of the new techologies released to restore and protect your vehicle, with up to 2 years warranty


STARTS @ $700 

 Based on Size & Condition

Full Ceramic coating with silica dioxcide top coat to insure perfection, with up to 5 years warranty

Ceramic Coatings Info

The above packages all include

Full wash and dry, iron fillings remover, followed by an IPC wipe down of vehicle. A compound and polish will be preformed before the Graphene/Ceramic coating is applied. Please note that these process will take anywhere between 4 to 6 hours of time for completion.

What is a Ceramic Coating? Ceramic coatings are essentially a chemical that is harder then the clear coat of the paint. giving a glass like layer of protection from the sun and elements. Ceramics can offer a wide range in protection and have your car looking like it never has before.

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